Open Bible Fellowship Church

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About Our Church

We are a community centered on love and faith.
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Who We Are

Our History

Open Bible Fellowship Church is a non-denominational church not governed by or contractually bound by any ecclesiastical body, sect, class, or kind holding peculiar distinctive. We hold ourselves peculiar and distinctive. The scripture is our central authority securing values to be maintained when in danger of being obscured or lost.

In December of 1990 three families consisting of seven adults began meeting for home Bible Study on Wednesday evening. We met for six months while praying about and planning to organize a local church ministry in Plano, TX.

Sharisse and Pastor Donald Bright

Sharisse and Pastor Donald Bright

“We look forward to you joining us as we worship and celebrate God together.”

– Pastor Don Bright

Our Beliefs & Values

Derived from the basic Christian doctrines, our faith is faith, which affirms that salvation from sin is obtained through the grace of God, not that it is earned by good works or given because of merit on the part of man. Our faith is set forth as such:

The Trinity

God is three persons in one, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The deity of Christ; that Jesus is God. The personality of the Holy Spirit; that God the Spirit is a person, not an entity without personality.

The Bible

The Bible is from God, completely accurate and reliable, and therefore authoritative. We insist that the scripture is the Word of God written and that it is, therefore, infallible in its original autographs.


Miracles are works of God that function as a word of God. Observable, extraordinary events and mighty acts; phenomenon effected by the direct operation of God’s power; an arresting deviation from the ordinary sequences of nature; a deviation calculated to elicit faith-begetting awe; a divine in breaking which authenticates a revelational agent.


The substitutionary or vicarious suffering and death of Christ as atonement for the sins of His people.


The resurrection of Christ from the grave.
The ascension of Christ into heaven.
The personal and glorious coming again of Christ.
The resurrection and judgment of all men.
The reality of heaven and hell.
This is our faith set forth.

Live Beyond the Burdens

Counseling is at our Core
Pastor Bright

Donald Bright, LPC-S

Pastor Bright also practices as a Licensed Professional Counselor.
Providence counseling is a counseling service dedicated to assisting people in gaining the insight necessary to make the changes in their lives required to overcome the difficulties that hinder their personal, relationship and career development. Providence Counseling integrates compassion, hopefulness, and counseling techniques to offer guidance and direction for people seeking to achieve emotional, physical, moral, educational, spiritual, and career-related development and adjustment for more effective living and a brighter future. Counseling is conducted through individual and group sessions in which counselor and client/clients meet weekly for approximately one hour.

Counseling is conducted through individual and group sessions in which counselor and client/clients meet weekly for approximately one hour. Providence Counseling Services are offered for basically well-functioning individuals facing a situational crisis and temporary conflicts to help them discover internal resources of strength and hope.